Friday, December 31, 2010

Big Stick says, "too many rumors of war!"
TV News says, "nuclear power saves the day!"
monkey in tree says, "bananas are meaning of life!"
guru says, "become one with Brahman!"

Brahman says, "please be quiet."

Thursday, December 30, 2010


man says, "I sure am hungry!"
one minute later, "I sure am cold!"
one minute later, "I sure am bored!"
one minute later, "I sure am tired!"

dog barks; cloud drifts in sky.

man says, "Life - very high maintenance!"


Master Kong says:
Sometimes a bridge is bad idea.

tea time

old proverb says:

drinking tea
in afternoon
is job enough.

1st Big City Poem

man drives to Big City:
cars like mosquitoes
all directions.
man sees sky scrapers,
says, "hello;"
traffic light turns green,
man says, "Merry Christmas!"

man goes to movie theater
sees big drama featuring famous actor;
movie ends and man applauds,
says, "the end!"

ji bo
december 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Coyote Christmas

Coyote doesn't play by rules
doesn't care about breaking rules
doesn't care about not caring.
Coyote scats in middle of trail
doesn't care if it sticks
to someone else's shoes.

Coyote is oblivious
to guilt, shame, crime,
sin, worry, grief,
trespass, nuisance
or faux pas.

Coyote doesn't sing
the blues.

ji bo
Christmas, 2010

Cold Mountain redux

Han Shan walks pine tree path,
sees bulldozer.
Han Shan says, "No bulldozers allowed!"
Bulldozer knocks pine tree to ground -
flash metal tred caterpillars.

Han Shan says, "goodbye,"
returns to his cave,
disappears into Cold Mountain.

ji bo, december 2010