Friday, November 30, 2012

Animal Control

man walks outside, talks to birds.
blue jay flies across field, talks to other blue jays.

next day -
man walks outside, sees 1,000 blue jays.
man says, "good idea to acknowledge
ineffable law of cause and effect!"

next day -
man walks outside, sees 10,000 blue jays.
man says, "what goes around comes around!"

next day -
man walks outside, sees Animal Control.
"I am teaching birds law of causation," man says.
Animal Control says, "too many birds, need reduce population."
man says, "blue jays very smart, might eat galaxy."
Animal Control points big gun at birds.

10,000 blue jays fly into sky, turn into giant Thunderbird.
Thunderbird flaps wings, entire Universe is swallowed by black hole.

no more Animal Control.

ji bo

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