Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Coyote Buddha

Coyote Buddha

world becomes very serious
many suffer from shooting own foot.
depression number one people disease
followed by addiction to depression drugs.
planet toxic for 1 million species
even rocks feel effects of pollution.
many say end of world is near
build spaceship to escape apocalypse. 
cities full of confused souls 
search for meaning on every TV channel.
earthquakes shake ocean floor
tsunamis crash into coastal villages.
tornadoes worm across landscape
trees land 200 miles away from roots.
frogs and bees check into hospital
rhinoceros dies from lack of horn.
gangs roam streets
gun in every pocket.

only one hope for planet earth -

Coyote Buddha! 

eats bones in bed
laughs in church
talks to clouds
dances in street
feeds cats and dogs
flies with birds
swings in trees
hangs like bat
waves at flying saucers
flows like water
sheds skin like snake
100% alive this moment.

Coyote Buddha saves planet
helps all beings
steals everybody’s lunch
disappears into River of Stars....

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