Friday, January 4, 2013

Coyote Buddha goes to Wal-Mart

Coyote Buddha watches automatic doors
open and close by invisible habit energy,
shoppers search aisles for meaning of life,
big sale on disposable diapers,
free antibiotics,
two-for-one bedroom slippers.

man in blue vest says, "Can I help you?"
Coyote Buddha laughs and hands man a magic rock:
"Rub rock and get enlightened!"

man rubs rock and Wal-Mart disappears -
no more automatic doors
no more shoppers
no more meaning of life
no more disposable diapers
no more free antibiotics
no more bedrom slippers
no more man in blue vest.

Coyote Buddha shakes head and says,
"Must have given man wrong rock."

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