Saturday, February 2, 2013


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  1. Not true...A spring day in New Orleans

    I was sitting outside in a park near St. Charles Street in New Orleans. The day was clear and sunny. I heard and saw two squirrels running up and down a big old tree. The tree arched over a nearby river.
    One of the squirrels ran up the tree one more time barely outdistancing its friend and partner. It leaped out to very end of the one of the largest branches. However, that leap proved to be its last. The branch could not hold the weight of the squirrel. The squirrel fell nearly three stories into the warm water. I sure it was startled. I was.
    I thought that is impossible. A squirrel falling?? No way.
    Yet it was so.

    The fall was not as bad as its bruised ego. A projection of course.
    The squirrel swam out quickly and ran off. The squirrel above peered in shock over the limb. What!

    I painted that scene in my mind.