Friday, February 15, 2013

using I Ching to solve existential problem of self

toss three coins
six times:
off on off on off off
hexagram 40

sit back
inhale/exhale -

read commentary in Book of Changes:
"don't shoot self in foot!"

put coins away
put Book of Changes on shelf
walk outside:
sun on vacation
clouds dance like geese in sky
thunder rumbles over snake river.

at this moment
infinite possibilities;
how to decide right action"
big existential problem.

       __ -- __

make pot of tea.
when tea is ready
sit beneath umbrella,
listen to birds sing.
be careful not to spill tea.
drink slowly
perceive hidden flavor
of mountain, soil, nitrogen, fungi, photosynthesis,
river, earth energy.

no more existential problem.


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