Monday, June 15, 2009

latest fashion trend

surgically reshape entire body
into perfect physique seen in magazine.
implant genetically modified hair,
teeth, nails; swap old eyes for TV eyes;
replace brain with digital hard drive.
no more need for internal organs,
feed body nuclear power.
relocate to gigantic beach resort;
plug-in; turn-on; enjoy robot life:
no more indigestion, headaches,
menstrual pains.

when latest fashion trend is complete
all humans will live in peace -
one big happy resort family.

200 years later:
too many robots use up
all nuclear power.
gigantic beach resort turns
into ghost town.

300 years later:
world's forests return
world's rivers return
world's whales return
world's lions and tigers return
world's jungles return.

circle complete.

(ji bo, 2009)

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