Friday, May 1, 2009

hello, Universe!

hello from Iron Mountain!

favorite poet for May 1, 2009: "One has to become an anarchist egg in order to seek freedom and peace.... Therefore 'the heaviest of struggles in the world' is the battle against myself, who is so well tamed in the world. I feel indeed that the purest and strongest untamed passion is necessary in order to unravel the bindings of 'rightness'". (Kim Seung-hee, from "I Want to Hijack an Airplane")

very good.

ji bo says, "when hijacking plane, best to have good lawyer waiting at airport!"



base of Mt. Otake

Hanako swims

226 years. 

(oldest vertebrate recorded, a koi, d.1977, 226 years old— 

June 1997 issue of Koi USA magazine.)


swine flu update:

virus very smart

mutation expert.

best to go fishing

avoid crowds

drink sake

watch kung fu movie

turn off TV.

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