Friday, May 8, 2009

Old Taoist jumps
into magazine,
says, " I am Qi Master,
posses power over animals,
plants, wind and water!"

magazine is delivered
to entire world.

Old Taoist becomes celebrity,
makes infomercial
for new/improved
Pill of Immortality.

Pill of Immortality becomes big hit.
Old Taoist buys Cadillac,
Hollywood mansion with deluxe Jacuzzi.
Soon the Hills are alive
with the sound of drunk maidens.
Old Taoist very happy man!

Old Taoist eats 1,000 hamburgers,
drinks 300 gallons of wine,
smokes 2 million cigarettes.
Universe smells like roses.

One day Old Taoist feels funny
falls asleep, takes trip to Taoist Underworld.
Nightly News interrupts popular soap opera:
"Hollywood's Old Taoist explodes by swimming pool.
President orders moment of silence."

Old Taoist wakes up in 3rd Hell,
says, "I am Qi Master! Where are my cigarettes?"
Voice erupts from Deep Void:
"Special deal on Wal-Mart cigarettes,
one puff in exchange for soul."

Old Taoist tries to laugh
can't remember how.

(ji bo, 2009)


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