Friday, May 22, 2009

special enlightenment offer

in far galaxy
alien scientist sends radio message
to all life forms
in Universe.

Attention, sentient beings
introducing revolutionary new product -
Kensho in a Kan!

No more suffering!

Eliminates 6 Poisons
5 Kleshas
12 Chains of Causation
25 kinds of bad Karma,
and attachment to any idea
of Self.

Made from non-dualistic,
sustainable, recycled,
green ingredients.

Accept no imitations;
order you very own
Karma in a Kan
today and awaken
to the Moment
of Truth.

Only $19.95
unless prohibited by law.

Don't wait for re-incarnation.
Skip the Bardos;
say hello to Amitabha Buddha

Thank you.

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